Demo Reel Breakdown

The Demo Reel is a montage of the following creations:

Directed Project _ Silent Night (Selected portions)
This clip consists of selected portions from my final directed project. This is about a thief trying to enter a house on a Christmas night. After falls into snow, he looks like Santa because of the snow sticking on his face. The main challenge is to create the atmosphere of snow- in footsteps, snow trails etc. This is done using snow modeling, particles, wrap modifier, blend shapes and clusters.

Interstitial (10 sec. anim. project)- ‘Alien Robot’ (Selected portion)
This was the major assignment in the first semester. “Robot” was the main theme. My interstitial had a robot inside its space ship and the space ship was in danger. While following the signal to escape from the situation, the signal fails. Thereafter the monitor catches some wrong FM signal and it happens to be a pop music from earth. Then the robot forgets everything and starts dancing according to its tune. There were no major challenges in this movie except for the concept to be imparted to the viewer within the 10 seconds limit.

Lip-Sync Animation.
The human character Dave is used for animating this. It was an enjoyable experience.
The selection of the voice was the only difficulty and I managed to cut a small clip from a TV show.

Turn and Walk Animation
The human character Dave is used here also. It was an enjoyable experience.
The only challenge was the left leg position adjustments while doing the turning. I hope I managed to get it done OK.

Jump Animation
This was a nice experience and the implication of weight shifting was the major challenge and learning in this exercise.